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Knesek Guns, Inc. is a proud winner of the President's "E" Award for Exports.
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Customer Feedback

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Give us your feedback!

Please email us at sales@knesekguns.com and let us know how your transaction went



Mr. Knesek,

I am writing to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with one of your team members, Mr. Jay C. Smith.  He has consistently been informative, helpful, and professional--and not once did he leave me a short reply to the myriad of questions I sent him.  He took the time to go into detail with all of them.  We recently made a purchase, and his support was one of the main reasons we decided to purchase it from your company.  We look forward to working with your staff again, and we wish you continued success.
J.W., Georgia


I would like to say outstanding job on the TAM. It looked great. The effort put  into it showed tremendously.  Thanks again. 

It is a pleasure to work with your company.  You site is very straight forward and easy to migrate through.
I have my C & R license and now working on my FFL.  It is great working with a professional.
Joe D.

I just wanted to say that Chris did a fantastic job of putting a Cerakote finishing on my AK-47.  Even though I have not even shot it yet I believe it will hold up for many years to come.  Thank Chris for me and tell him how satisfied I am.
Michael W.

Thanks for all you help.
Please advise your employer that you are a valuable and wonderfully cooperative employee. I really appreciate all the time you have spent with me and the help you have given. You are very knowledgeable in your subject matter.
Marshall K.

Hi Larry,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you, that you have the greatest International Sales Manager named Brittany King I ever met.
She was better than all the other distributors, no matter in Germany or the USA. Even if I had questions with the freight forwarder from DHL over here in Germany she managed it from over 5000 miles away that I didn´t have to pay extra charge for handling. You could be proud of her, she keeps the name Knesek Guns high with her professional work. Well what else can I say? I wish you a great Memorial Day on Monday and be proud of her, she is really great in her job.

Larry just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I finally made it down to my dealer and picked up the Tac50. All I can say is WOW!!!! what a rifle. It is truly a quality made firearm, the jewell trigger is great and is overall simply impressive. I can't say enough about how well you and your staff took care of my order. I was impressed that you handled all the questions quickly, and responed to all phone calls and e-mails personally. I would have no hesitation and gladly do business with you and the staff at Knesek guns any day. I could not be more satisfied. Thanks again, Wayne Frost
Thanks for the excellent service! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the way things went. (order#KGI-INV65927) Thanks again, and Merry Christmas.

Michael from CA
Well Larry, John and I just wanted to thank you personally. You were upfront, timely, and the most informative about your guns and optics. We are now just waiting on your bank information so we can send a wire transfer to your accounts in the morning.  We appreciated you time and efforts in getting us what we asked for at a price that was great. John and I will forward your information to our firefighter brethren out here in Northern California that are looking for a solid company to purchase their guns and accessories from.
Thanks again

A big thank you for a few things:
1) I love owners who are actually involved with their business, I appreciate you being aware of your company and its customers.
2) Thank you for posting on Calguns.  I would not have found you if you had not posted that you had 6921s.  I literally was going to purchase today from Clyde Armory, so I am thankful I saw your ad.
3) Kendall did a great job with the sale.  I am sending off my Money order payment right now.
Take care, many blessings to you folks-

Knesek Guns and Larry have saved me hundreds of dollars, best prices around, I ordered my first Bushmaster M4-A3 on the internet and received it within one day after payment. I communicated with Larry via internet and had 100% satisfaction with his service. Excellent communications, excellent service, excellent prices, see you guys again in the near future.

Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know how much I like my M82A1, I purchased from you. The Barrett M82A1 is amazing the funnest rifle I have ever shot. Iam still amazed that I had my rifle,
2 weeks after placing my order with you. I am very impressed with the workmanship that went into the rifle. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Magna, UT

I have bought 14 guns to date from Larry Knesek. His prices are the lowest, his service is the fastest, and his outstanding reputation is certainly well-deserved. There is no one I would rather do business with.
John E
Kenosha, WI

The customer service and pricing offered by Knesek guns is tough to beat. I've bought my past 2 rifles from Larry and when the time comes to buy another he will be the first person I call.
Thanx again,
Newport News, Va

Have purchased 2 rifles and a handgun from Knesek Guns over the last few months: an honest deal at a fair price. Dealing with Larry is refreshing in that you can take his word to the bank (I forgot about some magazines that were backordered) he didn't! I look foward to doing business with him again in the future.
Dave from CA

Just want to thank you for the excellent service on my last two Colt purchases. I have traded with many others in the industry, and can safely say that your service, pricing, and quick response to my questions has been the very best I have seen. In an industry where long waits, high prices, and poor attitudes have been all too common, your business is a refreshing change! I have gotten fast delivery, great deals, and always an appreciation for my business. Thanks again, Larry. Keep up the great work! Knesek Guns is the best!!
Clearwater Florida

Knesek Guns was recommended by a friend of mine. Larry found me a COLT at a great price Service, Knowledge, Product were top notch
Larry and Knesek Guns are A+ and I highly recommend them
Mike in Tampa

I worked with Larry over the phone to find and purchase my Barrett M-107 rifle. At first, I was very apprehensive about sending "several" thousand dollars to someone I had never met. He made the transaction process a breeze by keeping me up to date as to when my check was received, when the rifle was shipped, and when I could expect delivery. I would not hesitate to make future purchases and recommend him highly to anyone.
Thanks Larry!
Patrick Meehan

"Knesek Guns, and Larry Knesek in particular, have saved me a fortune--I've always chosen to buy things from my local gun stores, even if it meant paying a few extra bucks, but the prices offered by Knesek Guns made me feel like an idiot to consider giving my business elsewhere ... before Arnold Schwarzenegger banned .50 caliber rifles in my state, Larry sold me a Barrett M95 shipped for almost a thousand dollars less then I could find offered by any dealer in the area. Since then, I've always checked with Larry prior to buying another Firearm, and since then, I've never bought a firearm from anyone else."

"Larry at Knesek Guns is great to work with. He promptly shipped my new Bushmaster M4 at a very reasonable price. I would not hesitate to buy from Larry again. Thanks!"
Thanks, Ken

Hey Larry, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service in regards to my purchase of the Barrett M107 50 cal. rifle. I researched dealers throughout the country and you out gunned all of them by a long shot. Your price was the lowest I could find. In fact there was a dealer here in Connecticut that was selling the same rifle for $1000.00 more than your price. Your knowledge on the weapon far exceeded that of the other dealers I spoke with. I have recommended KNESEK GUNS to all of my friends for any of their future purchases.
Thanks, Mike Avery Norwich, CT.

I am completely satisfied with my order. I have not yet fired the Barrett but have had a great time showing it off.

This was my second Barrett purchased and the whole process was hassle-free and excellent. When buying my first Barrett (M82A1) I ran into seller difficulties and searched for a new seller and found Larry Knesek. With some difficulty, I closed the first deal with the other dealer but Larry impressed me so much I came back to buy my next Barrett (M107) from him. Larry's customer service and can-do attitude are what serious buyers like myself look for and Knesek Guns comes through above the others.
- Jim M.

Love the new M107 shoots great and with little kick just like you said. Thanks for all the information and help. Please use me as a reference.
Sam -  scalco7@aol.com

I picked up the Barrett a little while ago. The box was still sealed when I got to the dealer and everything looks great. The wife may put me on gun purchase restriction for a while after she sees this thing. I'll be heading to the range in the morning to see how it shoots.
Thanks again for everything. You guys have been really great to deal with. Hopefully I'll get to deal with you again when my wife lifts the new gun ban at our house.
Mike Roberts

Very competitive price, prompt response to questions. Delivered my AR-50 ahead of schedule.

Thanks again for your great service and great communications... I found your prices and service to be the best I have experienced in my many years in the "sport" of firearms. It's always a bit nerve wracking when trying to make a purchase via the internet - and not "knowing" the person on the other side of the transaction... But you have proven yourself to be a "straight shooter" and excellent communicator. I would not hesitate for one second to do business with Knesek Guns again! Like I said before, if anyone asks you for a recommendation, please feel free to have them contact me...
I'll pick up my M1A SOCOM this week... From AR to CA, safe and sound!

Just want to say how pleased I am with everything about our transaction, Larry. The AR-50 came a day earlier than expected, in fact! I had the dealer hold off on opening until I could get in the next day, and all was perfect.
I will be ordering from you again, and will pass on your number and website to my friends for the best service and prices I've found.
John in VA

I picked up my rifle from Pistol Mikes today and it was absolutely perfect. Thank You for the advice with regard to begin present when the package was opened. If for some reason you ever need a reference for customer service let me know. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who may be looking for firearms.
Take Care and thanks again
Grapevine, TX

Just thought I'd let you know I picked up my Colt 6450 today in good condition and as shipped from the factory. I really appreciate you e-mailing me the tracking number. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I will not hesitate to contact you for more business in the future. By the way, I first talked with you at the 10/04 Tulsa show, but I also see your ads on Sturmgewher.com.
Thanks again for a smooth transaction!
Haysville, KS

Received my Colt 6920 yesterday. All of the components were there. The gun is perfect, thanks. You guy's have a great thing going there in Arkansas and I will continue spread the word to anybody and everybody.
Jason Hawpe

I wanted to thank you for helping us purchase the M82A1's. They are indeed very nice rifles. Peter and I had a fun time wrestling with getting the rifles assembled and scopes mounted. We are definitely going to have to "work out" to build up some muscle to handle the Barretts!
In the future, I will not hesitate to bring you more business.

I just want to thank you for the excellent service and very smooth transaction on the rifles that i've ordered. It's nice doing business with you! Thanks

I just wanted to thank you for getting my brother and I the M82A1-CAL. It arrived at Ade's gunshop last Thursday. It is currently in the California DROS period, so I can't pick it up until the 13th.
Thanks for delivering on time.

I just picked up the 2 colt 6721 rifles today that you sent me. Very nice guns! You are my new favorite gun dealer!
-Mike Rampton

I was introduced to Knesek guns at the Tulsa gun show where I received good information about Bushmaster's AR-15. After comparing prices I called and placed an order for a Bushmaster V Match. With in the week the gun was received at my local gun dealer. Not only was their price very reasonable but shipping charges were only $10.
Thanks for the great service.
Mike Ashenfelter
Bartlesville, Ok.

"I was very happy with the service and prices Knesek Guns has to offer. They were the lowest ones I've found so far on the internet. Larry kept me updated every step of the way through phone calls and emails about my hard to get item. He went the extra mile to help me and his other customers fulfill our orders corectly and in a timely fashion."

Larry does an excellent job, fair and honest.Keep up the good work.

"Larry provides excellent service and great prices - it was a pleasure doing business with Knesek Guns! From now on, I'm going to check with him first before buying any firearm."
Newport News, VA

Yes I did get my Beta mag today on schedual. It arrived in very good shape and in the proper color and with all the extras that were promised in the package. On wednesday I plan to take it to the range and see how it performs in my Bush Master. Thanks for the quick service and smooth transaction.
J.P. Castillo

Just wanted to let you know I shot the Barrett today. This may be the most fun thing I have ever shot. You were right about the lack of recoil. It hardly moves when you shoot it. If it didn't throw so much dirt in
the air, you almost wouldn't know it went off. By the way, holy crap is that thing loud. It kinda feels like a flash bang grenade. Anyway, thanks again for the great service and the great deal on the rifle. I'm
going to have a lot of fun with it.

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