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Multi Function Cooled Thermal Binoculars



Multi Function Cooled Thermal Binoculars

High performance detection system can be used in all day, huge airspace and full coverage reconnaissance, so that we can acquire enemy‟s information quickly, accurately and  comprehensively. All countries in the world attach great importance to the development of the system, and also it widely applied in many fields. As a reconnaissance device, IR5210 cooled portable
multifunctional thermal binocular can be used to acquire enemy information, terrains, it assists to increase the effectiveness of target observation at night or in bad weather condition. It integrated with infrared thermal imager; visible light; laser range finder; satellite positioning (GPS or Beidou); electronic compass and storage module. Individual soldier can use it for long distance surveillance In day and night, we can get the: local geographic coordinate of individual soldier; azimuth; distance to the target; geographic coordinate of the target. As result, we can increase the day and night reconnaissance capability; take the initiative in combat; and provide direct support to the combatants.

2 Main Function
a) Use infrared thermal imager and day camera to search, find and targeting the target.
b) With self-positioning and target positioning function;
c) With video output and serial communication interface; with HD eyepiece display on the device itself or connect with external display devices.
d) With an external GPS interface;
e) Including but not limited to power supply control; infrared contrast adjustment; infrared brightness; infrared focusing; infrared image polarity conversion; 2 × magnification; self-check and image and video storage; playback and delete and other control functions.

3. Technical performance specification
3.1 Infrared detection distance
Visibility is not less than 15km, humidity is not bigger
than 80%, the temperature difference between target and
background is not less than 4°C, then:
a) For 2.3m×2.3m typical target(when longest focal
length): Recognition distance≥5km, detection
b) For upright soldier (when longest focal length):
Recognition distance≥2.3km, detection range≥5km.
3.2 Day camera detection distance
Visibility is not less than 15km; humidity is not bigger than
80%, then:
a) For 2.3m×2.3m typical target: Recognition
distance≥2.5km, detection distance≥5.5km;
b) For upright soldier: Recognition distance≥1.8km,

detection distance≥3.8km.
3.3 Infrared detector
a) Spectral range: 3μm~5μm;
b) Pixel size: 15μm;
c) Pixel number: 640×512;
d) Detector type: Cooled MCT Stirling type.
3.4 Infrared optics performance
a) Focal length: 30~240mm;
b) FOV: 2.29°×1.83°~18.18°×14.59°(±5%);
c) F#:4
d) MRTD:≤200mK@4cy/mrad,25°C.
3.5 Day camera
HD Resolution, CMOS, FOV: 3.63°×2.86° (±5%).

3.6 Laser range finder
a) Spectral: 1.57μm,eye safe;
b) Maximum range: When visibility not less than
15km; Relative humidity not bigger than 80%,
measuring range not less than 6km for 2.3m×2.3m
typical target; measuring range not less than 10km
for buildings and other big targets.
c) Accuracy: ≤±5m
d) Success rate: ≥98%.
3.7 Accuracy of positioning (built-in)
a) Positioning mode: GPS; Beidou;
b) Self positioning accuracy: ≤10m;
c) Target positioning accuracy: ≤40m( target is at

3.8 Directional accuracy
3.9 Storage module
a) Default storage is not less than 16GB;
b) Video format: AVI;
c) Image format: JPG.
3.10 OLED
1280×1024 HD color OLED, binocular displays.
3.11 Continuous operating time
Room temperature continuous operating time: ≥4h ( not
changing the battery).
3.12 Power supply
a) External power input: DC12V±0.5V;
b) In-built battery: 8 batteries (18650);
c) Power consumption: ≤22W(when working stable)

3.13 Physical character
a) Weight (batteries included): ≤3.7Kg.
b) Size: ≤315mm×230mm×115mm.
c) Mechanical interface: 1/4 inch standard interface;
d) Color: Army green; desert yellow; black.
3.14 Interconnection interface
a) Video interface: PAL (N is optional);
b) Communication interface: RS232;
c) Bidirectional WIFI transmission interface;
d) USB port: USB2.0 supported;
e) Others: GPS.
3.15 Packaging
Optional LCS-WF and safety case

3.16 Environmental requirement
3.16.1 Temperature and environmental requirement
a) Operating temperature: -40°C~+60°C;
b) Storage temperature: -40°C~+60°C;
c) Vibration condition: Power on the device, swept
sine is 5Hz~200Hz~5Hz; peak acceleration is
1.5g, on three perpendicular axis each axial
direction is 6min;
d) Shock condition: half sine wave, pulse width is
6ms, acceleration is 20g, shock on three
perpendicular axis for three times.
e) Safety test: Free fall from 122cm to cement floor
with safety box.
3.16.2 Protection grade

3.16.3 Electromagnetic compatibility
The electromagnetic compatibility meets the
requirements from RE102 ( 2MHz ~ 18GHz ) , RS103
(30MHz~1GHz、1GHz~18GHz)from GJB 151A-97.




Manufacturer Info
THOR Global Defense Group Homepage
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