Who can you rely on for your safety?

Have you ever asked yourself that question before? If you have taken the measures to get your conceal carry permit and have received or are currently receiving training to use in a Dynamic Critical Incident, you are starting to understand that you can only rely on yourself for your safety.

There are many people who will argue and say, that’s what the police is for. I do agree the police do prevent some crimes. What they are not taking into account is the number of the total crimes commented. Let’s just look at violent crimes from the FBI statistics in 2011. There was an estimated 1,203,564 violent crimes in the United States last year.Police

Now let’s apply some logic to this. From the FBI statistics, there are only 14,633 full time law enforcement agencies local and county wide. Also, there are only 1,001,984 law enforcement officers nationwide, 3.4 per 1,000. I want you to ask yourself, does it seem reasonable or possible for law enforcement to prevent this many crimes? Or even a tenth of them?

By knowing this, who can you always rely on to protect you wherever you go? It’s you! Usually the police get there after the event has taken place or while it’s still in progress. Do not let hope save you. Allow yourself to defend yourself in any situation, especially a Dynamic Critical Incident.

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Tyler Grant is the CEO of Dynamic Training Strategies. He has real world experience from his two trips in Iraq from his eight years in the Arkansas National Guard. During that time, he spent the most of time in a Reconnaissance Platoon. Half of that time, Tyler was a Senior Sniper Team Leader. Tyler has trained with some the best people in the industry. He has trained with former Delta Force, Army Special Forces, Force Recon, Australian SAS, Security Contractors, and many more. Tyler has graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a degree in Emergency Administration and Management.

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