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Range testing of the Vortex Crossfire 2.4-12×44 with Dead Hold BDC

  • Zero:  50 yards
  • Firing range: 200 yards
  • Targets: Clay Pigeons
  • Round: 55 grain Wolf Precision Ammunition
  • Conditions: Temperature mid 50s, no wind to speak of, sunny, the perfect shooting day.

200 Yards: Scope and rifle shot exactly to the range card provided by Vortex LRBC app on their website .5” high at 200 yards.  While not firing for groups at 200 yards once hold over was found first shot hits were easy and boringly consistent for three different shooters.

15 Yards: Moved power to 4 and range some close ran drills.  Again rifle and scope shot exactly to the range card 2.5” low at that range.  While the rifle is used as a hunting rifle at 4 power the rifle performed well at rapid fire drills. Engaging targets with both eyes open and achieving A zone hits (remember to account for close distance) was not a difficult task even with a 9lb rifle not a trim carbine.

While it may seem counter-intuitive the .223/5.56 round according to several ballistics charts the 50 or 200 yard zero work best.  For example the above mentioned 55 grain round will shoot to within 3” from muzzle to 300 meters while a 100 yard zero is -12” at 300 yards. Several AR experts such as Paul Howe, Travis Hailey, and Kyle Lamb agree.

While it may seem odd to have such a large variable power scope on an AR platform I use it to deer and coyote hunt and it performs very well.  Vortex also has a drop card generator on their website that works very well.  With any variable optic is important to know your range card, taping it to the inside of the butt stock is a good idea.  The Crossfire II is a very good mid-range priced optic backed by a 100% no questions asked warranty.

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