UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun

UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun
Review of: UTAS UTS-15
Shotgun by UTAS:

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On July 7, 2012
Last modified:October 22, 2012


Great shotgun, lots of interesting features. The UTS-15 Tactical 12 gauge pump shotgun holds a patent, and is a full ground-up design utilizing fiber reinforced polymer for more than 85% of its parts and is the first such firearm to have the receiver molded completely from polymer.

Shotguns are quickly becoming more and more modular and many common platforms like the Remington 870 Shotgun and Mossberg 500 series have a number of accessories available for them to change everything from the sight to the pump and pistol grip. Several new manufacturers are looking to bend the rules and develop something a bit different from the “norm” The initial response that the UTS-15 has varied greatly from person to person, but overall, it seems to be a favorable opinion from the folks that have gotten hands-on with the unit.


The dual magazine UTS-15 shotgun has a hefty pricetag, but has a number of standard features to justify the cost. Production is in full force and the guns are officially shipping to dealers. UTAS’ Director of U.S. Operations, Matt Guzeldere stated, “We’ve been working with UTAS Makine, Ltd. the Turkish company that developed the UTS-15, to set up American manufacturing for quite some time. It has been a difficult process that required building a lot of duplicate and expensive tooling, such as polymer injection molds. We have a license agreement, all of the tooling in place and have started producing parts. Of course we’ll be training personnel, running the first guns through product qualification tests and ramping up production”

The UTS-15 Tactical 12 gauge pump shotgun holds a patent, and is a full ground-up design utilizing fiber reinforced polymer for more than 85% of its parts and is the first such firearm to have the receiver molded completely from polymer. The UTS-15 is right at 28.5” in overall length and weighs only 6.9 lbs. With top-mounted alternately feeding magazines providing a total capacity of 15 rounds, the UTS-15 has truly broken new ground in tactical shotgun design. As standard features on the Military & Police Model and separately purchased accessories for civilians, there is a built in point-and-shoot impact centered, focused-beam LED spotlight, adjustable laser sight, flip-up large aperture peep or V rear sight, a glow-in-the-dark bead front sight and a screw in, breaching muzzle extension. You can read more about the UTS-15 here:

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  • avatar Jeff says:

    That is an awesome looking shotgun

  • avatar Greg says:

    I got my UTS-15 shotgun on Friday and had it at the range this weekend. It worked great, was actually ergonomic to deal with. I like bullpups and this shotgun felt very natural.

    The bad, the owner’s manual stinks, you’re just left to figure out how to load/handle etc. the gun….really crappy.

  • avatar Eugene N. Neigoff says:

    I have one of these guns and am not happy with a few problems I have run into in the first two shooting sessions:

    1. The action is extremely stiff. It takes about 20 pounds of force to activate the slide action.

    2. There is no way to unload the gun without cycling the rounds thru the chamber action and using the slide release which is in an unusual place and requires the you to turn the gun UPSIDE DOWN to actuate the release. The slide release is located about 3″ in front of the toe of the butt plate and is a hole in the stock.

    3. There is no way to clear a JAM if and when they occur. Mine required the dis-assembly of the gun when it happened.

    4. My gun is going to have to go back to the factory as the FOREARM tore loose from the ACTION BAR and is not able to be functioned. The ForeArm is Plastic and the Plastic part is held in place with 2 screws. My forearm separated into 3 pieces, breaking at the screw holes that hold the forearm to the action bar.

    5. On the good side the gun dis run the first 100 rounds without a problem. It was very accurate with slugs and was able to hold a 6″ group at 100 yards with a 4X Scope during initial testing.

    6. There is no disconnect mechanism, and if your pull the trigger and do not release it the hammer will fall and the gun will malfunction. This is bad news if you are use to a MOSSBERG, REMINGTON, or BENELLI where the action will not allow the hammer to fall unless the gun is in BATTERY.

  • avatar Christopher lesemann says:

    @Eugene Neigoff….. dude u have a ksg,, not a utas uts 15, i have one and i have non of those problems, and i deliberately made myn jam to see how it works to unjam it and its extremely easy u flip the back part open and pull the round out by pumping the pump action,…. i had a ksg and the problems ur explaining r of the crappy ksg

  • avatar John Koempel says:

    Max Rodrigues, What all do you get for the $1200 price tag? Does the laser come with that price or is it extra? and how much extra is it?

  • avatar Robert Ables says:

    I purchased mine today, it is really a great weapon, weight, balance and length are perfect, love the weapons capacity. Firing at my range tomorrow and see how it fires, cycles and muzzle lift. I will post more tomorrow.

  • avatar Duffy Mike says:

    Robert Ables – Were you Special Forces Qualified or just assigned to an SF Unit? If so, when did you go to SFQC? I noticed in your pictures that you didn't have a Ranger Tab when you were E-6. When did you go to Ranger School? Inquiring minds want to know?

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    have had 2 UTAS shottys since they came out…. The difference and overall fit and finish from the new (Gen 2) model to the original (Clunky junky) model are completely night and day. Honestly after owning the first one i thought i wouldnt even waste my time to use it to prop the door open but i am good about second chances and im so glad i took the time to let this beauty back into my life. I have also owned a few KSG's (by KelTec) and there isnt even a comparison to be had… Originally with the first model i wouldve said KSG all the way, but with all the new tweaks and improvements the KSG doesnt have a decent leg to stand on in a one on one firefight / operational stand point! This gun is the bees knees!! If you dont believe it then go pick one up and after a week or 2 tell me you hate it and ill buy it off you lol…. can never hurt to have 2 :)… happy hunting, and keep the leads spraying!

  • avatar Corey Hayes says:

    The gun is easy to unjam.Just lift the plastic cover up and pull the round out,It's not rocket science.But mine does jam also.I have found that it helps to lubricate the bolt more than they require.And do it everytime you take it out.If it gets dry it tends to jam more.