TROY Battle Magazine Review

With firearms as with everything else sometimes things go wrong and it is not always the problem itself but how the company handles it that can change an opinion.

I am a bit behind the times magazine wise as this was my first use of any polymer magazines in my personal weapon.

I set out to test the Troy Battle Mag vs the Magpul PMAG.  I knew there was going to be a problem with the Troy when the magazine would not lock into place with the bolt closed (strike one).  So I adapted and locked the bolt back to load and when I ran the bolt home I immediately had a failure to feed (strike two).  Finally got a bullet to load properly and tried to run a rapid fire drill after the third round had a failure to feed and had to finish the drill with handgun.  After two attempts with the magazine I finally stopped using it and ran a PMAG out of the packaging functioned great (strike three).  So at first blush the Troy magazine failed.  I spent more time with magazine failures that I did shooting which is something that makes me very unhappy.

Now the good part, I got on Troy’s website and sent their customer service group an email.  I received a CALL from Troy’s customer service within an hour wanting a description of the problem, type of rifle I was using and the magazine back.  I immediately received an UPS return authorization and the promise they would test this magazine and the dimensions on magazines currently being run.  I was also told I would receive some new magazines to test.  Troy has tested their magazine to destruction but wanted some field tests from customers.

While disappointed with my first experience with Troy Battle magazines, I am very impressed with their level of customer service and am looking forward to getting the magazines on the range and in the field and giving them a good going over.

In the next couple of weeks I will have a review posted and hope to be able to provide some data on an alternative to the PMAG.

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