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Fair warning this is not my typical post here, but I wanted to let everyone know about our new firearms center in Northwest Arkansas.I learned about THOR Firearms Sales and Distribution by seeing a sign for a concealed carry class on a building next to a resturant I frequent and took a peak in the building and saw signs for EO Tech, LWRC, Barrett, and THOR Firearms inside needless to say my interest jumped because until now there was really no place to get this type of gear in North West Arkansas.  I followed this up with an email and two days later I was talking to John and Kyra Fleming.  We talked for two hours during my first conversation with them and knew right then I had met two people with the same passion for firearms, training, and customer service that I have.

THOR Firearms, Rogers AR
THOR Firearms, Rogers AR

August 24th was the Grand Opening of what is going to be the center for firearms sales, distribution, and training in Northwest Arkansas.  John and Kyra along with their staff are dedicated to making the shop into the gun store you always wanted to go to.  If you want to come in an grab a chair and talk guns, emegency preparedness, training, or any other topic this is the place to do it.  The one thing we cannot stand for is a customer not to have a gun in their hand when they come in the shop as we know that we are offering the highest quality tactical and self defense firearms around.  So  if you are in the area come see us we are stocked with some of finest firearms you will ever find.  Very few shops are going to hand you an HK P30 and then turn around and pull a LWRC REPR off the wall for you to handle next.  We also have TAG brand nylon gear which is the operators choice, we also have emergency food for the preppers which we are as well.  Our inventory is always growing as we are Kimber Master Dealer, Beretta, Heckler and Koch, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, and we are sole FN Military / Law Enforcement dealer in the area.  As mentioned before if we do not have it we will get it for you.  This store is the place for shooters run by shooters.

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