The Importance of Learning Command Presence

People who possess the ability to be in control of a self defense situation are easy to spot. They don’t have a fake “puffed up” sense of confidence, but rather exude an air of competence and surety that is readicommand presence guyly apparent.

True in all areas of expertise ranging from professional athletes to experienced military personnel, the body language is unmistakable once you learn to recognize it.

Often called “command presence,” this display of competence is critically important when it comes to self defense scenarios and skills. For example, a veteran police officer pitted against a run of the mill street thug is going to look much more confident and relaxed.

They know what to do and how to handle themselves.

For average concealed carrying enthusiasts, this is a highly useful skill to practice. The first order of business is just that — practice, practice, practice. Doing so will give you the experience you need. It’s also possible to learn how to display that air of confidence even if you don’t possess all the skills you’ll need yet.

A tremendous amount of information is transmitted between combatants in the critical seconds before things escalate. This information is both verbal and physical. Much of it is sent and interpreted unconsciously.

Criminals usually aren’t willing to risk too much in order to complete their crimes. They are mostly interested in the easier victims; the kind who won’t or don’t know how to fight back.

The editor talks about a co-worker in his department who was the picture of competence in his article “The El Presidente Kata” here is an excerpt:

“His mastery allowed him to use the least level of force necessary to quickly resolve the conflict and not look excessive. After it was over he had a smile on his face, wasn’t breathing heavy, and showed no anger to his opponent. He had such a confident look many bad guys wouldn’t try him. That is something you don’t hear much about these days, Command Presence. (Read more about command presence in a concealed carry situation here)

This “command presence” he talks about is a mix of conscious and unconscious signals we send one another as humans. Much of it has to do with body language, stance, eye movements and voice modulation.

One effective way to learn these command presence skills is to watch videos of police/citizen encounters. Observe how the police often immediately take command of the situation even if they aren’t quite in control yet. They assume they will be in control and project that intention to whoever they are dealing with.

Watch how they move. Keep an eye on the way they stand and the specific words and the tone of voice they use with criminals. As a concealed carrying citizen, developing command presence is one of the essential skills you’ll want to develop.

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