IWI Tavor Carbines now distributed by KGI

We are pleased to announce that we are an official distributor for IWI USA and will be carrying the full line of Tavor carbines as well as Uzi pistols.

IWI Tavor


You may place an order for the TAR rifles by visiting the Knesek Guns commercial site at the following URL:



IWI SAR Bullpup tavor

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Max Rodriguez is the Vice President of Knesek Guns, Inc. He is an avid shooter and conducts a variety of training courses including the Arkansas Concealed Carry course. Max's role at KGI is largely based upon business development strategy and implementation including direct representation of the company within currently held and potential markets to establish solidly founded working relationships in the global firearms and defense industry.

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  • avatar James Kilburn says:

    Where can I get one retail?

  • placed order 4-11-13 for TSB16 and second order on 4-17-13 TSFD16 do you know when they will be in to ship to me to complete my order.


  • avatar thinh says:

    do you have any tavor in stock now

  • avatar Erich Gonce says:

    Just what I need.

  • Hello Erich, call me tomorrow at 479.474.1680 and I will put your order in for a Tavor. We fill LE/GOV orders first so you will get it pretty quick.

  • Do you have IWI Travor Flat Dark Earth 16.5" in stock?