Extended Grip on Magazines

Too often shooters talk about how comfortable a firearm is. More often than not, they are just going of how it feels in their hand. Also, they do not have a much experience with shooting, regardless if they have been shooting all of their life. From what I’ve seen with dealing with handguns, if you go take a training course or spend a day at the range, there is no longer a comfort issue. In the context of defensive shooting, how comfortable the gun feels in your hand becomes less of an issue. Getting training, then practicing what you have learned with your firearm makes you comfortable with you firearm. Here is a video talking about an issue I hear all of the time, extend grips on magazines.

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Tyler Grant is the CEO of Dynamic Training Strategies. He has real world experience from his two trips in Iraq from his eight years in the Arkansas National Guard. During that time, he spent the most of time in a Reconnaissance Platoon. Half of that time, Tyler was a Senior Sniper Team Leader. Tyler has trained with some the best people in the industry. He has trained with former Delta Force, Army Special Forces, Force Recon, Australian SAS, Security Contractors, and many more. Tyler has graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a degree in Emergency Administration and Management.

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