All I Want for Christmas Is a CWP?

With the holidays coming up, folks are wondering what to buy their loved ones and friends for the holidays. If your spouse or significant other is a concealed weapons permit (CWP) holder, the choices are myriad.

Sentry Solutions Gun Cleaning SuppliesFirst let’s assume that your recipient doesn’t yet have a CWP. Perhaps a book to explain what they need to know about guns and gun safety could be a good start. Cody S. Alderson. in his article, “Christmas Gifts for the Concealed Carry Person,” on, recommends Michael Martin’s book Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, and wrote, “As far as books are concerned, Michael Martin’s book is the best one available, period.”

Also consider gift certificates or a Visa certificates that seasoned or new gun owners can spend in their favorite gun store. Buying a gun for someone else isn’t a good idea, since everyone needs to choose their own weapon. People have different hand sizes, grips, and abilities, so a gift certificate can be the perfect option, as it allows the recipient to handle different guns and find the model right for them.

But let’s say they already have a gun that they’re fond of. What about a new holster, some ammo, or more gun safety or tactical training? Any of these can be fine gifts for the CWP holder.

As far as books are concerned, Michael Martin’s book is the best one available, period.

In the above referenced article, Alderson also mentions some gifts that non-concealed carry people wouldn’t readily bring to mind:

“Soft range bags made of ballistic nylon are popular. Good bags are made of sturdy fabric to take the abuse of being hauled around to gun ranges, tossed in the back of vehicles and never much cared for. Better bags will cost more money. Most gun shops have silicone cloths available for giving guns a good wipe down after daily carry or handling. They are only a couple of bucks each and are something most shooters would appreciate.” (Read more at USCCA)

Other items might be targets, gun cleaning supplies, gun butlers, or electronic hearing protection.

Whatever you decide, whether to get your loved one started with their CWP and the equipment surrounding concealed carry or whether you’re buying for a seasoned gun owner, the possibilities are tremendous. Think outside the box for a gun owner who has everything this holiday season. There’s no doubt that whatever you choose will be appreciated.

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