Kel Tec 7.62 High Effeciency Rifle Forward-Ejection Bullpup Black Finish. The RFB ( Rifle Forward-Ejection Bullpup) is a semi-automatic firearm chambered in 7.62 Nato (308 Winchester) and uses metric FAL magazines. Featuring an 18 inch barrel, gas-operated, semi-auto and tilting breechblock. [click here]

We are the largest stocking dealer of Heckler & Koch handguns and are pleased to offer a wide selection of different configurations factory direct from HK. Click here to view the current models we offer. [click here]

The THOR M408 rifle is the ultimate in long range precision. This rifle sets the standard worldwide for special operations teams needing a specialized system capable of hard and soft target interdiction at ranges beyond 2,000 meters. [click here]

A direct descendent of the HK416, the MR556A1 is a semi-automatic rifle developed by Heckler & Koch as a premium level commercial/civilian firearm with match rifle capability. The MR556A1 uses the HK proprietary gas piston operating system, employing a piston and a solid operating “pusher” rod in place of the gas tube normally found in AR15/M16/M4-style firearms. [click here]

Knesek Guns regularly stocks chassis and conversions from Desert Tactical Arms. The SRS Covert sniper rifle was purpose-designed for Police and Military snipers needing ultimate concealability and maneuverability. The rifle’s 26-inch overall length puts it in the submachinegun length class. The Covert’s 16-inch barrels provide 1000 yard capability with exceptional accuracy. [click here]

KGI is an official Knights Armament stocking dealer and regularly inventories the full line of KAC firearms, suppressors and accessories. Contact us to discuss specific part numbers and availability of special edition models. [click here]

The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). IWI and IDF have established joint Research & Development teams to develop these products, whose final configurations are the product of on-going interaction, real-world field tests, and modifications resulting from combat requirements. [click here]

Knesek Guns, Inc. is a Heckler & Koch (HK) Premium Dealer. We regularly offer a full selection of HK firearms, accessories and packages. Click here to view our catalog of HK items! [click here]

Knesek Guns regularly stocks carbines and short barrel rifles from KRISS in all configurations, including state compliant models. [click here]

Armasight is the a world leading provider of cutting edge Night Vision including Night Vision Goggles and advanced Infrared Thermal Imaging Solutions, top-quality Direct View Binoculars, Illumination Tools, Long Range Sniper Scopes and other precision optics featuring outstanding performance and rich in innovative features. [click here]


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Knesek Guns, Inc. is an international distributor of the finest firearms and specializes in Military and Law Enforcement type weapons such as the M4 / AR-15 platform, long range precision rifles, handguns, optics, ammunition, and firearm accessories. We carry a full line of weapons including newly released and those hard to get special order items. KGI handles the highest quality name brand firearms and equipment. Please email or call us for questions and current pricing. All items are new in box.  We ship firearms to all 50 states and export world wide. Our tech services team is able to assist in converting most items to be compliant with your states laws, including California. Our online gun catalog aims to be easy to use, and the search feature can be quite useful. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at or call 479-474-1680. Knesek Guns, Inc is your source for Guns For Sale (Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun), Tactical Gun Accessories, Thermal Weapon Sights, Tactical Night Vision, AR15 Parts, Knives, online Gun Safe sales, and more!

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Worth the Wait

Apr 07, 2014 by Patrick

Thanks to Cindy Jones, and especially Tim Beagle, as everyone know the sought after 500 Initial 500 run 5.56 LWRC IC 14.5\"\" Spiral Flute Barrel, FDE rifle is a damn hard rifle to obtained, but the long wait was worth it, and Tim Beagle and his sales team done the impossible feat to got one for this old soldier. Tim, thanks man, Knesek Guns rocks, the wait is worth, Look like Knesek Guns is the place of my weapons purchase choices

Semper Fi

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